Tonto & Lone Ranger Kemosabe (for Johnny Depp)

Jay Silverheels played Tonto, and was way too polite to call stuff as he saw it, at least in English. Only a few people realized that in the Lone Ranger television series, the most common translation for "Kemosabe" meant "you egotistical shallow peckerhead." Especially if it was conveyed to the Lone Ranger as he was obnoxiously (yet again) hamming it up for the cameras. Tonto would invariably yawn and say, "Yes Kemosabe, that was a good take; no need for a 20th version. Can we go home now?"

Depending on your subtle voice inflections, "Kemosabe" could even translate to something twistedly endearing like "you little Fucker," if muttered in jest, as in "come here you little fucker" especially with a friendly noogie applied. It could even border on the adorable, into something commensurate to "you little fucky ducky," if delivered with a gentle smile.

So, "Yes Kemosabe, it's great to see you coming back to the silver screen, we're all looking forward to it..."

Story & Photos Copyright Larry McNeil, All Rights Reserved 2012

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