Paul Ryan Transformation Act

Let's face it, Paul Ryan is a Goblin. No, not metaphorically, he IS a stinkin' goblin.

While interviewed off camera he had some interesting things to say. "Back in my homeland of Goblinia, we don't have healthcare issues. If anyone gets sick or hurt, we just eat them for dinner. The middle class? Ha. There is no middle class, we just have slave owners and slaves, which makes for no social strife. I think that the United States of America is ready for the brand of leadership that I have to offer."

Ryan had the wherewithal to realize that he could never be elected to anything in the USA with his Goblin looks, so he got some cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance. Unfortunately, we can't interview the plastic surgeon who did the work, because Ryan ate him.

McNeil's research is centered around the transformation act, mostly associated with black birds, but Goblins sometimes make the scene too.

Transformation story by Larry McNeil, All Rights Reserved, 2012

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