Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani

A couple years ago we had Ryoichi as a visiting artist here at Boise State University because Patrick Nagatani was busy somewhere off in the wilds of who knows where on the other side of the planet. Ryoichi was very engaging and it was great listening to his stories about excavating ancient vehicles around the world with Nagatani. Kathleen Stewart Howe wrote an interesting essay in the book "Desire For Magic" about their collaborations, and the essay was titled "Material Fragments of an Unknown History."

I called Nagatani on the phone about Ryoichi's presentation; it all went well, with only one minor glitch. One of our attendees left in indignation because he was expecting Nagatani to speak. In my opinion, Ryoichi was captivating too, with a sly wit.

Patrick Nagatani has been and remains an inspiring and extraordinary artist, humanitarian and mentor to so many artists and photographers over the decades. This is my humble blog entry to him on this beautiful Friday morning. I had the privilege to study with Nagatani (where he was a Professor of Photography) at the University of New Mexico in the College of Fine Arts where I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

I just received this beautifully stunning "Madam Hanakawa's Court" lithograph in the mail from Ryoichi yesterday.

Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani Website link

This spring has seen a flurry of trafficking in lithographs for me. A few out the door, and this very stunning one in the door. It's funny how this goes in phases, kind of like the moon. It's all good; I guess we can call this the Season of the Lithograph. What makes this even more interesting is that on Monday I was advising a graduate student at another school about how various artists use language as a component of their art, and Ryoichi mailed me a Novella on the same day. Hmm.

At any rate, here's to you Patrick; now I'm looking for a fitting frame for this beauty of a lithograph. Please tell Ryoichi thank you for that fine presentation too.

Story and Photos by Larry McNeil, All Rights Reserved 2013

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