Obsessively Anxious Lenses?

This is a true story.

Flashback to photo school in the 70's. The instructor in a white lab coat recited the technical characteristics of curvilinear and rectilinear lenses, shooting out facts like a machine gun. I had to scribble notes in fast motion and wished he'd slow the heck down.

I thought he said rectal-linear lenses and with all my small-town boy innocence, was a little taken aback that he'd be so direct, but also quite impressed that they could predict how a photographer was going to lean with her or his work, actually muttering "wow" to myself. All I knew was that I didn't want to be anal or obsessively anxious with my own work, so made a mental note to avoid the rectal-linear lenses in the future.

PS: A rectilinear lens renders lines as being fairly straight, as opposed to a curvilniar lens, which has what is known as barrel distortion, kind of like what extreme wide-angle lenses render. Each has it's own set of physics & mathematical formulas.

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