Nikon Retro Digital Camera

Word on the street is that Nikon is nearly ready to release a new digital camera that has retro styling. Maybe even with a full frame sensor. Cool.

Here is their teaser ad, and the camera is due to be released any day now. You hear a couple of manual clicks of what sounds like dial adjustments; the shutter has a quiet authority and the guy in the video says, "It's in my hands again."

While in Tokyo in June to help judge their 2013 International Photo Contest, I was introduced to one of their camera engineers, whom was working on a new compact digital camera. We were at at a hip lounge celebrating the Judging with food and drink, and I mentioned that two of my favorite 35mm film cameras as a young pro were the Nikon F2 and the Nikon F3 bodies.

It's true, I really loved the clean, pure designs and how rugged they were. There were never any unpleasant surprises while shooting with those bodies and you could shoot briskly and precisely. I once had three Nikon bodies freeze while shooting on the North Slope way on the northern tip of Alaska in -55º F winter weather, and they just kept right on shooting. At any rate, this made their engineer smile, and he said, "You will like the new camera we are working on right now. I can't tell you what the design is, and all I can say is that if you liked those camera designs, you will like this new camera."

My eyes lit up and I asked "F2? F3?" He only smiled and said mysteriously, "You will like this new camera."

I'm betting a mug of fine coffee that it is a Digital version of the classic F3. Any takers?

I hope it is a take-off on one of their classic bodies. That would have a coolness factor that is off the charts, especially for us pros who paid our dues with these rugged pro bodies before digital SLR's roared over the horizon. For you photography purists, here is a link to the Nikon F3 information.

Cheers, man.

Story Copyright Larry McNeil, All rights reserved, 2013.

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