McNeil Visiting Artist at Boulder

One of my favorite gigs is to be a visiting artist at various places. One of the very positive elements is that a lot of the audience members are either art students or art scholars, so they have a heightened interest because they're in the midst of doing some heavy-duty creative problem-solving themselves, and like to hear how other artists solve creative problems.

I'm going to be a visiting artist at the University of Colorado at Boulder early this week. My main presentation is going to be on November 2nd, Tuesday evening at the Visual Arts Complex.

I'll be interacting with both the public, students and faculty and will be showing art from a couple bodies of work, including my most recent Global Climate Crisis and earlier Fly by Night Mythology work. One of the prints from the series, Carbon Footprints was made in 2007 as part of the print exchange Animal Connection that Melanie Yazzie organized in 2007. Melanie is an Associate Professor of Art there at the University of Colorado at Boulder. See you there!

Link to the University of Colorado, Boulder Events Page

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