Late Night Existential Tequila

Late Night Existential Tequila (click this link)

This about the creative process and being frozen at the proverbial precipice.

This is kind of a cool idea; the Xtranormal site allows you to make a fairly easy animation. You essentially just type in the script at their site, select your characters and the characters speak the script in a peculiar robot-like manner. You can also select camera angles, gestures, characters and facial expressions.

The user agreement states that Xtranormal owns anything you create, but I placed a copyright along with the animation anyway. I'm not going to make any more because of their ownership claim and this was more of a fun foray just to see what would happen. I could imagine something like this really taking off if authors had clear ownership of their own work.

My most surreal experiences in life have to do with encountering people who choose to live in self-imposed cages. Fear of failure, fear of expression, fear of new ideas, whatever. I tell them that if a small-town boy from a Podunk town can run around free, so can they. Here's to simply opening the door & jumping out. So I made a cartoon about it. Ha.

Enjoy. But don't keep yourself in any cages.

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