Hittin' the Road with my Bike

Back in mid-June I had to change meds, which radically changed my life. I couldn't drive a car or ride my bike for three months. Holy crap. You don't realize how important this is until it's gone. I asked my doctor, "What about hopping, can I hop? Can I use a pogo stick to work? What about dogsled? Canoe?" Nope, nope, and nope. Hopping was ok, but none of the others. Dang.

But the Gods of Wheels were smiling down on me. My son, who was about to turn 16, just finished Driver's Ed and he became my chauffeur for the summer. He did a fabulous job by the way, taking me wherever I needed to go all summer long. Thank you T'naa, you did a most excellent job! Well done, my boy, you are a true McNeil team member.

At any rate, we both did exceptionally well, and yesterday marked the three month freedom date, and I'm now free to bicycle commute again! I thought a good way to celebrate was to have my favorite cycle shop "George's Cycles" do a pro tune-up on my wheels. I named my bike "My Private Jet," by the way. When people ask whether I can make it to their art openings, I tell them, "I'll just have to see whether My Private Jet is up to it."

This bike is cool because it's an all-weather machine. I pack my laptop in the canvas saddlebags along with a change of clothes for when I get to school. In my opinion, it's worth investing in a cool commuter bike because of all the money you save on gas. I noticed that it costed $63.00 to fill up my gas tank in my little Forester this summer. Dang!

Want to know the coolest part of being a bicycle commuter? I get to spend the money I save on gas on fun stuff! Yeah man.

Today I'm a bit sore from my first ride in three months, but am ready to hit the road again, it feels good. Get a bicycle and spin. For the good of the land, for the good of the air and for the just plain good. This is part of my Boise State University Arts and Humanities Fellowship by the way, because it has to do with helping to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions belched into the atmosphere from our automobiles.

Have fun and be safe.

Story Copyright Larry McNeil, 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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