Beijing International Photography Week, 2013

I was invited to China for their "First Beijing Photography Biennial," which is part of their "Beijing International Photo Week," starting October 24, 2013. My role was as an honored VIP guest, and they had set up a two week stay for me, which included visiting many parts of China and meeting Chinese Photographers associated with their exhibition "Images, Times and Impressions."

This Beijing International Photography Week has clearly been the result of a lot of careful planning, spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture. I am very sorry to have missed out on this wonderful opportunity to see a lot of fantastic photography and to met many other photography professionals from around the world (If you see an empty seat in the VIP section, you'll know why it's empty). The value of International Photography venues like this is that they present the opportunity to share the humanity that links all the people of our world together, and this is always to be applauded. Good job everyone, keep it up, regardless of which country you are living in. It seems that here in the 21st century, we humans have the ability to recognize how we can collectively better ourselves, and the humanities are a great way of accomplishing this collective task.

According to the "This is Beijing!" website, "The 2013 Beijing International Photography Week will open on October 24 at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing's Xicheng District. The photography week, with a theme "Photography: World in Focus," will highlight a series of exhibitions, lectures, forums and themed activities at the main venue, as well as at the 798 Art Zone, Caochangdi Art Zone, Wangfujing Pedestrian Street and Cable 8 Creative Culture Zone. The First Beijing International Photography Biennial Exhibition series will focus on the social landscapes in different countries and regions. The "Image, Times and Impression" themed exhibition will unveil the most famous works by well-known photographers at home and abroad."

For those of you who make it to Beijing in the next week, get ready to see lots of most excellent photography, and save me a seat for next time.

Story and Photographs Copyright Larry McNeil 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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