2012 Apocalypse, Coffee & White Raven

Well heck, I had to go down to the pyramid at Chichén Itzá to see for myself what all this Mayan prophecy stuff was about & share it with you.

Each one of the Mayans I talked to were a bit amused by all the fuss, so I just went down to the beach to talk to the Mayan fishermen. The real ones, not the tourist sport fishermen; the ones like me who fed their families on what they caught. As I stood on the beach watching one of them unloading his catch of the day I walked over and introduced myself as another indigenous man who made a living catching fish way up north. He smiled and we had a conversation very similar to the ones I had with fellow fishermen back home in Alaska, and as it turned out, we spoke the language of fishermen.

"How were the tides? What did you use for bait this time? When was the best time to set the gear? How long did you let your hooks soak?" Of course, my number one question was "What's your favorite fish recipe for around here?" He said the most heavenly dish was boiled barracuda heads in a broth with mild spices and fresh vegetables from the garden.

I told him that the best recipe from my village was boiled salmon heads with potatoes, onions and just a few spices. If you put in too much stuff, the delicate flavors will be overpowered. We both laughed at how non-fishermen families don't really know what good fish is actually all about.

What is a journey without including a Coffee Quest? I also have an eternal quest for the most perfect mug of coffee. Oh my god, did I ever find it, and confess to nearly falling to my knees, welcoming the salvation of partaking an earthly gift from the holy spirit. Well, actually from hard working Mayans who grew the finest coffee beans high in the mountains using traditional farming techniques.

So it went. I'm back home now, dreaming of luscious fish heads, monumental pyramids, totem poles, coffee and freshly sharpened fish hooks.

Story and Photograph copyright Larry Mcneil, 2012 All Rights Reserved. Steal this & you're bait, man. Fish bait

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